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January 2010 Plein Air Painting Schedule for Eugene-Springfield

Happy New Year, Welcome to the 2010s. Winter painting is exciting in the the Willamette Valley. We get clouds, sun, wind, rain, and snow. Sometimes in a single day. I have scheduled paintouts in town with cover and I have scheduled a single location for a whole week. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. That way we have backups. It the weather is too cold for you on Wednesday, I hope you can come on Friday or Saturday. When the high temp is below freezing I am staying home, but there are so many sunny and 50 days that I am optimistic that we will get several nice painting days in January. Let's continue to have critiques at 1pm when the most painters are present.
See you outside painting,

2, Saturday, 11-4pm, deliver your Plein Air Art About Agiculture painting to Emerald Art Center upstairs to the Jaqua Gallery. If you cannot deliver your painting on Saturday, let me know so we can make other arrangements. I would like as many artists as possible to be represented in this show.

January 5-6, Tuesday-Wednesday, pick up your paintings from Silvan Ridge Winery, 27012 Briggs Hill Rd, Eugene, OR‎ between noon and 4pm, This has been a very nice show. If you want to use your Silvan Ridge Winery painting in the Plein Air Art About Agriculture show please let me and Cynthia Nickle, at Silvan Rigde winery, know so they will not get excited when you show up on Saturday, January 2nd, and start taking paintings off their walls.

January 6, 8, and 9th, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Midtown Market Paintout, 16th and Willamette. They have coffee, lunch, cover and restrooms. Views of VFW Hall, Midtown Arts Center across the street, Newman's Fish Market and Willamette Street Views. Market is open till 3pm but we can paint all day. This is a new location for us, but I have painted here several times and I like it. Critique 1pm inside near the front windows that look out on Willamette St.

January 8, Friday, 5:30-8:30pm, is the Artists reception at Emerald Art Center. Please stop by to support our show and the other artists with concurrent shows at Emerald Art. Brooke Borcherding will have a wall full of paintings concurrent with our show. NIce going Brooke, good scheduling. Please bring a dessert or snack to share with the other artists and art patons.

January 13, 15, and 16, Wed., Fri. and Saturday. Oakway Center Paintout at Oakway Rd. at Coburg Rd. Eugene Oregon.
Meet in the patio. There is cover, and coffee, restrooms right there. Trader Joe's is near too. Views of trees, people and courtyard scenes. Critique at 1pm on the patio under cover near Yumms.

January 20, 22, and 23, Wed., Fri. and Saturday. EWEB Plaza, 4th and Ferry St. Eugene. Cover, restrooms, and great winter views of the Willamette River. Critique at 1pm on the EWEB covered porch.

January 27, 29, and 30th, Wed., Fri., and Saturday. 5th St. Market Paintout at 5th and Pearl St. Eugene. Meet in the Patio. Cover, coffee, lunch and restrooms near by. Winter views of market and streets. I hope the yellow pickup will still be there. Critique at 1pm inside the food court.

January 30, Saturday, 11-4pm, pick up paintings from the Plein Air Art About Agiculture Show at Emerald Art Center.
Thank you all for participating.


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Plein Air

Plein Air
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