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Oregon Coast Paintout 2009 - Erik Sandgren

I just got this email from Erik Sandgren about the Paintout in August 2009.
Everyone is invited.

Dear Friends -

Hello in the nick of time! -Were off to Italy – but first…

We’re counting on your contribution to painting on the Oregon coast in August as we discussed last year. Please link to my website for the itinerary/schedule for the painting event as a whole and for the workshop within it.


It may seem that the whole world has gone digital: but not quite – some of us are not linked up. Because I’ll be in Italy from now into July, please reach out (by phone and post) to those you know might like to join us but may not otherwise get the news. I’ll be sending announcements/itineraries by post to as many people without e-mail as I have addresses for.

If you plan to attend any part of the event, I’d love to hear from you. And, of course you can just show up – that’s the most important thing. If you have a particular interest in registering for the embedded workshop please respond by return e-mail or by the e-mail contact on my website. As I cannot count on receiving registrations by post for the next four months, I’ll be in touch with you by e-mail and we’ll finalize registration when we return to the U.S. in early July.

The workshop is scheduled for three days early in the overall painting event. Fees will be the same as last year. I enjoy teaching these three days of concentrated demonstration and problem solving and people seem to look forward to this structured exploration of painterly issues based on assignments and critiques. I don’t quite know how many registrations to expect this year. Despite the circumstances of our being out of the country I’ll try to accommodate as many painters as may be interested in sharing the workshop format.

Only recently have the long anticipated plans for teaching abroad come to fruition – we were delayed in accumulating the full complement of study-abroad students due to the nation’s economic uncertainties - but Kathryn and I will be leaving this week for Florence where I’ll be teaching Art Appreciation and Drawing to a dozen Washington state Community College students there. What a place to do so! My painting gear is all packed- nothing else is. Over the last month we’ve been subject to the special deadlines those arrangements have entailed including gearing up with software and protocols to make the digital communications happen. The learning curve never ends.

With luck, we look forward to coming back to our very beautiful and inspiring corner of the world – trading dusky Tuscan hillsides for Pacific waves and Doug Firs. Expect another e-mail soon about a three-day workshop I have been invited to conduct in September for the BLM at the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. It is a pilot program we are very excited about. You can see that on the website also.

In the meantime, look for an article about painting on the rain coast in the Spring issue of Northwest Coast Magazine – a glossy quarterly available in Oregon at Fred Meyers and by subscription - I hope you enjoy it.


I look forward to seeing you at the coast for all or part of the session. Again, I’d love to hear from you by return e-mail or via my website e-mail contact. Keep your color moist and your brushes at hand.


Sandgren Oregon Coast Painting - August 3-15, 2009
Rain or Shine Schedule: Calendar and Itinerary
Bold type indicates embedded workshop days

Monday 3 Ona Beach State Park

Tuesday 4 Seal Rock State Park

Wednesday 5 Cummins Creek (Neptune State Park)

Thursday 6 Yachats North Shore

Friday 7 Rocky Creek State Wayside

Saturday 8 Yaquina Light (in Newport - West of the bridge)

Sunday 9 Depoe Bay (south Boat Launch area)

Monday 10 Seal Rock State Park

Tuesday 11 Cummins Creek (Neptune State Park)

Wednesday 12 Ona Beach State Park evening presentation at Newport Recreation Center 7:30 - 9:30 PM

Thursday 13 Yachats North Shore

Friday 14 Rocky Creek State Wayside

Saturday 15 Yacquina Light (in Newport - West of the bridge)painting AM - potluck & exhibition 1 - 3 pm


One of the daily reviews at the coast.

Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July