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February 2009 Paintout Locations for Plein Air Painters of Eugene-Springfield

Feb. 4, 6, 7, Wed. Fri. Sat. Amazon Station at 29th St. and Amazon Parkway. This bus station has cover and parking. The views are Amazon Park and Skinner Butte. This is a new location for us, but it looks like good cover for winter painting. And we are close to Market of Choice on 29th. St. for Coffee and food.

Feb. 11, 14, Wed. and Sat., Rosa Parks Sculpture Paintout. Eugene has a new outdoor sculpture of Rosa Parks on her bus seat. It is a small unassuming sculpture, but I feel compelled to capture her in a painting. Eugene Station is now called Rosa Parks Station, 10th and Olive. Some cover, but to get a good view of Rosa we need fair weather. Cover, restrooms and coffee across the street at Eugene Library. I have painted from inside the library in really bad weather. Saturday is a backup day in case of rain on Wednesday.

Feb 13, Friday. Harold and Flora Codman have invited us to paint from their covered decks that overlook downtown Eugene from 1-4pm. Directions: Drive south on Chambers past 29th. St. Turn left at Braeman Village, the second block past 29th.
1557 Braeman Village is on the left. Park in their driveway or along street. Please RSVP so that Harold and Flora will know how many people to expect. Harold and I paint with the Wet-N-Wild watermedia group at Campbell Center every Tuesday afternoon. Last summer Harold turned 90 years old.

Feb. 18, 20, 21, Wed. Fri. Sat. EWEB Plaza Paintout. Cover, restrooms, and a view of the raging Willamette River. The river will be full and running wild. In case of rain we can paint from EWEB's covered porches or under the Ferry St. Bridge or DeFazio bridge.

Feb. 25, 27, 28, Wed. Fri., Sat. Hendricks Park Paintout. Early, early spring at Hendricks Park. South on Walnut St. from Franklin. Left on Summit. We will be at the shelter in case of rain. We will be in the Rhody garden if the weather is nice.

I am checking out painting in the snow. Campbell Center takes snow shoers up to different locations and I have asked if I can go along and paint in the snow. Currently their Feb. 26th and March 5th trips to a cabin near Royce Mtn. are full and they are taking wait-listings. The cost is $30 for the transportation up and back. Leaving at 8:30 am and returning at 5pm. If anyone would like to try to join me on the Feb. 26. trip you can call 682-5318 and get on their wait-list. They usually have cancellations. If this works out maybe we can schedule a trip for just us plein air painters next year ( the van holds 12 people).

See you outside painting,

Great Outdoor Painting Contest: July 25, 2009

Plein air Painters: Charlene Eckman called and said the Springfield Arts Commission is looking for someone to take over the Annual Outdoor Painting Contest in Island Park. She thought of us first and so I am sending out this note to get your reaction.

The question is do we want to sponsor this event (in combination with Willamalane Rec. Dist.)?
Specifically reply if you would like to help with this event?

Work required would be meeting with Willamalane to plan the event. (Willamalane has handled all the publicity for this event in the past, and they provide the shelter in the park.)
In the past this has been a contest with a juror, ribbons for several categories, a judging at 2pm. where with winner are hung in the Springfield City Hall for the month of August. The Art Commission has charged an $8 entry and used the money to buy ribbons.

So I am looking for a couple of volunteers who would like to do the planning for this, and half dozen more volunteers to help on the actually painting day, July 25th, 2009.
This is community service. We would be doing this for the community. The secondary benefit for us would be publicity and a few more members.
Think about this and let me know what you think.
See you outside painting,
ps. You can respond by attaching a comment to this blog entry.

Rod Gillilan's - "Why paint plein air"

Rod sent me this note after our Friday paintout, January 9, 2008. I really liked his comments on "why paint plein air" so I have included his whole note here. I believe that Rod is too critical of his own paintings. He has suggested that we have a critique at the end of the painting session. Good idea. Here is Rod's complete note.
Thank you Rod.

Hi again Brooks:

We talked Friday about why we like to do plein air. These are some of my thoughts about why I like it.

When you are on site It is sort of like being at a concert or a football game instead of watching it on TV. You can see and hear it either way but the experience is very different and my emotions are different.

My paintings done totally plein air have not been very good. However, The thrill and excitement of being immersed in the scene is much more fun. I do like the paintings I have done from plein air sketches, however. Maybe more imaginative and loose. It may be sort of like when I have gone fishing when the fishing was great but the catching wasn't. Just being there (even in the cold and wet) is a good experience and my memories of it are move vivid than they are from painting from one of my photos.

The tranquility of a landscape location or the energy and action of a city scape location affects my perceptions I think. Quite different than looking at a photograph.

I am still not very good at plein air painting, as I mentioned earlier, but feel much more comfortable and confident now than when I first started. Landscapes were overwhelming at first, but now I can zero in on a "cropped" subject a little better. Having people around in city sites was distracting at first, but much less now.

I am sorry to say that most of my paintings are still done from photos because painting plein air was not practical, but I hope to shift more to plein air as I can. As I mentioned to you, you spoiled me. When painting from a photo, I WISH I were on site.



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Plein Air

Plein Air
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