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July 2008 Paintouts in Eugene and Springfield Oregon

July Paintouts in Eugene and Springfield included the following:
We started in Springfield at the West D boat ramp.
Here is Paul just getting started.

Sally is here on WestD.

Kathy is painting on the mill race that starts here.

I (Brooks) am painting the same mill race.

King Estates Winery is a favorite in the summer. Here is Victoria under the big fir tree next to the entrance road.

Sandy painted under the tent that King Estates was nice enough to leave up for us.

Sally enjoyed the shade under the tent also.

Renee is painting the King Estate building.

Patty is under the little fir tree.

Marilyn and Paul look for lunch in the King Estate Market building.

Mara is the one in the great hat.

Jacki is here in the shade too.

Not Dorothy, she is out in the sun painting the vines up close and personal.

I (Brooks) am under the tent on top the hill. The view goes on for miles.

We also painted at Kirk Park near Fern Ridge Lake. Here Patty is painting sitting down. Not something she does very often.

Good to see Jill painting at Kirk Park.

Dorothy at Kirk park.

Several Plein air painters entered the Great Outdoors Painting Contest in Springfield's Island Park. Here is Renee.

Pam painting a first place watercolor.

Jacki painted a winning Oil paint today.

Hoerst is here too.

As well as Ellen.

The last july paintout is an evening paintout on the Willamette River near Vally River Center. Here Coda looks on as Victoria paints.

Renee painting in the evening light.

Jeanette is looking into the sun, as all of us were.

Mara and Coda working hard, at least Mara is.

Dorothy painting the river.

Cathy setting up.

Brooks painting with sunglasses on. I am amazed I could see anything looking into the sun.

Amazing painting by Bets. Look at the colors.

Bets with her daughter, Mckinzie.


One of the daily reviews at the coast.

Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July