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June Paintouts in Eugene

June paintout started with our first art critic. Robbie Raccoon greeted us on the Delta Ponds trail.

Brooks painting Delta Ponds wetlands for Erik Sandgren's 2010 show.

Kathy was there trying out acrylic paints.

Phemie's oil painting turned out beautifully.

Next was Kirk park and more wetlands.
Dorothy is painting with watercolors.

Marilyn is using watercolors also.

Mark paints with acrylics, as always.

Here is Renee just getting started.

Sandy braved the bright sun to get a good view of the wetlands.

As did Jacki.

Next was the top of Skinner Butte. Here is Carol with her watercolor.

Dorothy is here too.

As is Mara. Where is Coda?

Renee and her full sheet watercolor.

Sally in the open fields above Eugene.

Victoria was actually the first one here.

Yvonne is painting with oils.

Next is Owens Rose Garden on the banks of the Willamette River.
Here Yvonne is painting from the gazebo.

Sandy is taking snap shots.

Patty joined us for the first time. She is captivated by the patterns in the overhead trellis.

Jacki with two of her paintings.

Jacki painting in the shade.

Dorothy is also enjoying the shade too.

June 6th 2008 Paintout at Victoria's place

June 6th 2008 we painted at Victoria's beautiful place in south Eugene. It rained a little (note the jackets), but we did not let that bother us. Here Victoria is painting from the upstairs deck.

Humberto and Yolanda drove from Portland to paint with us and attend Nelson Sandgren's opening at the Karin Clarke Gallery.
Here Humberto paints Rhododendrons from the porch.

Here is Humberto's amazing painting.

Jacki is painting in the garden...rain or no.

Here is Jean with her lovely oil painting.

Kathy painting from the cover of the porch.

Sally is getting started. What rain?

Yolanda is painting the lovely trees.

This is Yolanda's wonderful watercolor.

Brooks is painting from the upstairs deck. With the yellow slicker Brooks laughs at a little rain.

May 29th, 2008 Paintout at Schreiner's Iris Gardens

Portland Plein Air painter invited us to paint with them May 29th at the Schreiner's Iris Gardens.
Here is Yvonne with one of her many oil paintings she did this day.

Yolando came from Portland to spread some color around the gardens.

Stephanie took off from work to be here.

Sally did too.

Paul painted the open fields of color.

Marilyn, Dorothy and Nancy are just arriving here.

Jill and some of the Portland painters are setting up.

Jacki is painting with oils.

Humberto came from Portland to join us. He is talking to a Portland painter and Yolanda is in the background.

Here is Humberto's painting as he captured the wonderful color of the gardens.

Humberto in painting position.

Dorothy with her watercolors

Celeste from Portland Plein Air Painters is taking a break. Thank you Celeste for inviting us here to paint with your group.


One of the daily reviews at the coast.

Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July