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June 2008 Paintout Calender

June 4, Wednesday, Willamette Oaks Paintout, 455 Alexander Loop, Eugene Oregon, North on Goodpasture Road past car dealers, first left is Alexander Loop. Candy Davis, 343-2688, invited us to paint at Willamette Oaks. The location is right on the Willamette River. Great views. Water and restrooms. Jacki Lukowski is doing a demo for Willamette Oaks residents on Monday, June 2, at 2:30pm, if anyone would like to join her.

June 6, Friday, Paintout at Victoria Biedron's home, 85444 Teague Loop, Eugene Oregon. Humberto will be in town for Erik Sandgren's talk on Saturday at Karin Clarke's Gallery, and offered to come paint with us on June 6. Here is Victoria's invitation.
To all painters: please come friday, June 6th, to paint where I live, off of Dillard Rd.. The views are close in, with lots of trees, flowers, things in the garden, berries, a shed, an arbor and more. There are several decks to paint from, water and bathroom. I will have some food and drinks, feel free to bring a lunch and/or food to share. Come anytime and stay as long as you like! There is parking up here, but, carpooling would really be a good idea. I will mark parking spots. 85444 Teague Loop

Directions: From 33rd and Hilyard go LEFT onto E Amazon. Travel south on E Amazon to Dillard Rd. (Dillard Rd is to the L of a deer sign on the R) turn LEFT (the only way to go) on Dillard RD.. Travel up Dillard Rd. about 2.3mi to Teague Loop (Teaque Loop is R, just opposite a hugh sign on the L that says 'Dillard Highlands') turn RIGHT onto Teague Loop. Halfway down the loop, take the first gravel driveway to the RIGHT (there is a wooden sign 'Teamwork for Children'). Proceed 300ft downhill, take first driveway on LEFT (85444), that is the driveway, 1/4 mi to house. Yes, I am back out in the woods!! See you there!
Victoria ph 338-8099 hm

June 7, Saturday, Hendricks Park Paintout. East on 19th, R on Fairmont, L on Summit to Rhody Garden. Till 3:30pm when Erik Sandgren is speaking about his father Nelson Sandgren at Karin Clarke's Gallery, 7th and Willamette St.

June 11, Wednesday and June 14, Saturday, Delta Ponds Wetlands Paintout, Goodpasture Island Rd, Eugene, OR, Drive north out Goodpasture Island Rd. past the car dealers. On the right is parking space (actually about 10 parking spaces) and a port-a-potty, but no water (bring your own). There is a trail leading into the wetlands.

June 13, Friday, Wetlands Kirk Park Paintout, North on 99 past Beltline, left on Clear Lake Road, 6 miles on the right while Fern Ridge Dam is on the left. Port-a-potty but no drinking water. Good wetland views.

June 18, Wednesday, OU Pioneer Cemetery, 18th St. at Univeristy St. Eugene Oregon. Good statues, grave stones, trees, and Mac Court across the street. Students are gone so there is lots of meter parking and 2hr parking in the neighborhood.

June 20, Friday, Skinner Butte Summer Slotice evening paintout. North on Pearl, left behind Ya-Po-Ah to top of Skinner Butte. Water but no restrooms (5th st. mkt. has restrooms). Summer Soltice paintout with the cool evening colors. 2pm to dusk.

June 21, Saturday, UO Snitzer Art Museum, on the grass mall in front of the Jordan Snitzer Art Museum. Students are still on vacation, so there should be parking available.

June 25, Wednesday and June 28, Saturday, Owen Rose Garden paintout. Roses will be in full bloom. North on Jefferson St. into the Rose Garden.

June 27, Friday, King Estates Paintout, 80854 Territorial Rd, Eugene Oregon. South on Bailey Hill road that becomes Lorain Highway (about 11 miles). Left on Territorial 2.7 miles to King Estates on the right. Market Place will be open. Good views from top or bottom of the hill.

July 5, Saturday, Renee Nelson has offered to host an evening paintout (1pm to dusk) at her house. We painted there May 16th to rave reviews by all who attended. Please let me know if you would be available to paint this holiday weekend so Renee and I will know what to expect.


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Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July