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March 2008 Paintout Pictures - Eugene Springfield Oregon

March 12, 2008 Tamarack Wellness Center Paintout - This is my (Brooks') painting of the Tamarack pool entrance.

Dorothy painted the distant view of the Coburg Hills.

Jacki painted the beautiful rock.

Here is Jacki's painting.

Paul painted the neighborhood, including Jacki.

Victoria brought a friend who painted with us also.

Spring break at University of Oregon we painted at Hayward Field...the home of Prefontain and the famous Oregon track teams.

It rained all day so Rod and I painted from under a tent kindly left up from the previous weekend track meet. Thank you UO.

Rod ran a race on this track in the 7th grade, and he was the timing judge at several Prefontain's races. There are lots of memories in this field for Rod.

March 19th Nancy and I painted at the West Eugene Wetlands. Nice to have a wetlands inside the Eugene city limits.

Nancy does not let the cold detract from her beautiful watercolor of the wetlands.

March 21, Friday, we painted at Mt. Pisgah Aboretum. Spring is barely peaking out.

Dorothy is painting the creek that is full in the spring.

Jane is sketching the bridge with Jonie on it.

Jonie painted from the bridge.

Mark painted the creek also...it attracted all of us.

Saturday, March 29, more plein air painter enjoyed the sunny weather at Mt. Pisgah. Victoria took these pictures of the painter. Thanks Victoria.

Renee joined in.

Jill was there.

Shirley was there.

Here are the paintings of the day. Nice job.


One of the daily reviews at the coast.

Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July