Words to paint by:

November 2008 Paintout Locations in Eugene-Springfield

Nov. 5, Wednesday, EWEB Plaza, 4th and Ferry St. Cover, water, restrooms, and view of Alton Baker Park and the Willamette River.
Nov. 7-8, Friday-Saturday, Fall colors at Hendricks park. From Franklin South on Walnut, left on Summit, left at dead end to rhody garden. Shelter in case of rain. Hendricks park in October was beautiful. Too good to not try again.

Wed.,Fall colors at Mt. Pisgah. East on 30th past LCC, across I5,
left to Shell staion, right under RR and then half mile to Seavey Loop on the left.
A couple of miles on Seavey to Mt. Pisgah. $2 parking fee. Mt. Pisgah was also
beautiful in October.
Nov. 14, Friday, Owen Rose Garden. 300 N. Jefferson St. Eugene.
Georgia O'Keeffe's Birthday 1887, (November 15)
and Dorothy Frear (November 17) a double birthday celebration.
No gifts, just come and celebrate Georgia's and Dorothy's birthday at 1pm.
Come and paint all day. In case of rain we will be at the gazebo.
Nov. 15, Saturday, Skinner Butte Paintout. North on Pearl,
left on 3rd. St. behind Ya-Pa-Ah Terrace.
Water but no restrooms.
Great views of Eugene all the way to three Sisters..
No cover, if it rains we can paint at 5th St. Mkt. where the restrooms are.
Nov. 19, Wednesday, Thistle Down Paintout, 91455 River Rd, Junction City, OR.
End of season for Thistledown. Paint the pumpkins. market. barn, and
other "art about agriculture" entries. Out River Road between Eugene and
Junction City. Water, restooms, and cover in case of rain.
Nov. 21-22, Friday-Saturday, Island Park Paintout,
The last of fall colors in Island Park.
West on B St. dead ends in parking lot for Island Park.
Willamalane Center will have restrooms and a place to warm up a little.
Thanksgiving break Nov. 25-29.
Enjoy the holiday with your family.
See you in December.
Keep painting,

July 2008 Paintouts in Eugene and Springfield Oregon

July Paintouts in Eugene and Springfield included the following:
We started in Springfield at the West D boat ramp.
Here is Paul just getting started.

Sally is here on WestD.

Kathy is painting on the mill race that starts here.

I (Brooks) am painting the same mill race.

King Estates Winery is a favorite in the summer. Here is Victoria under the big fir tree next to the entrance road.

Sandy painted under the tent that King Estates was nice enough to leave up for us.

Sally enjoyed the shade under the tent also.

Renee is painting the King Estate building.

Patty is under the little fir tree.

Marilyn and Paul look for lunch in the King Estate Market building.

Mara is the one in the great hat.

Jacki is here in the shade too.

Not Dorothy, she is out in the sun painting the vines up close and personal.

I (Brooks) am under the tent on top the hill. The view goes on for miles.

We also painted at Kirk Park near Fern Ridge Lake. Here Patty is painting sitting down. Not something she does very often.

Good to see Jill painting at Kirk Park.

Dorothy at Kirk park.

Several Plein air painters entered the Great Outdoors Painting Contest in Springfield's Island Park. Here is Renee.

Pam painting a first place watercolor.

Jacki painted a winning Oil paint today.

Hoerst is here too.

As well as Ellen.

The last july paintout is an evening paintout on the Willamette River near Vally River Center. Here Coda looks on as Victoria paints.

Renee painting in the evening light.

Jeanette is looking into the sun, as all of us were.

Mara and Coda working hard, at least Mara is.

Dorothy painting the river.

Cathy setting up.

Brooks painting with sunglasses on. I am amazed I could see anything looking into the sun.

Amazing painting by Bets. Look at the colors.

Bets with her daughter, Mckinzie.

October 2008 Paint Out Calender Eugene-Springfield Oregon

Here is the paint out schedule for October. October is often the best weather and the best color of the whole year.

Oct. 1, Wed. Thistle Down Paintout, 91455 River Rd, Junction City, OR., Paint the pumpkins. market.
barn, and other "art about agriculture" entries. Out River Road between Eugene and Junction City.
Water, restooms, and cover in case of rain.
Oct. 3, Friday, Sweet Cheeks Winery, 27007 Briggs Hill road, Eugene Oregon, South on Baily Hill Road,
Rt. at Spencer Road (watch for blue winery sign), Left on Briggs Hill Road, Some cover if their tents are still up.
Great Views. Only open noon to 5pm, but gate open early. Across road from Hinman Winery.
Oct. 4, Saturday, EWEB Plaza, 4th at Ferry St. Eugene Or.Fall colors are starting across the river.
Cover in case of rain. Back up is come on Saturday. Restrooms closed on Sat. but 5th St. Mkt is only two blocks away.
Oct, 8, Wed. Eugene Station/Library Paintout, 10th at Olive St. Eugene OR, Cover, water, restrooms and
views of Library and Eugene Station.
Oct. 10-11, Friday and Saturday, Island Park Paintout, B Street at Mill St. Springfield Oregon, Fall color in Island park.
Restrooms, water and cover in case of rain. Trees, river and bridge views. West on B st. dead ends on Island Park parking lot.
Oct. 15, Wed. Coburg Paintout, Downtown park in Coburg Oregon. Restrooms and water, but no cover.
Good views of old homes, trees and Coburg hills.
Oct. 17, Friday, Park Block Paintout, 8th at Oak St. Eugene Oregon, Fall colors in downtown Eugene Oregon.
Water, restrooms and cover in case of rain.
Oct. 18, Saturday, Amtrak Station Eugene Oregon, 4th at Willamette St. Eugene, Or. Fall colors and views of
Skinner Butte, Willamette St., the station and an occasional train. Water, restrooms and cover in back of station in case of rain.
Oct. 22, Wed. Mt. Pisgah Paint out, Fall colors at Mt. Pisgah. East on 30th past LCC, across I5, left to Shell staion,
right under the RR and then half mile to Seavey Loop on the left. Several miles to Mt. Pisgah.
Oct. 24-25, Friday-Saturday, Hendricks Park Fall colors Paintout, Fall colors at Hendricks park. From Franklin South
on Walnut, left on Summit, left at dead end to rhody garden. Shelter in case of rain.

Oct. 29, Wed. Science Factory Paintout, 2300 Leo Harris Parkway Eugene Oregon, From Ferry St. Bridge east(right)
on MLK turn south (left) on Leo Harris Parkway. Watch for Science Factory signs. Interesting building,
trees in fall color and a near by football stadium.

Oct. 31, Friday, Pioneer Cemetary Haloween Paintout, 18th at University St, Eugene Oregon, Annual Haloween Paintout
at Pioneer Cemetary at 18th and University St. Costumes are optional.

In addition to Eugene-Springfield paintout here are the Bend Paintouts that Renee Nelson has organized.
Thank you Renee.

Bend Itinerary----October, 6---13, 2008
Oct 6---Monday---Suttle Lake Resort---The Resort will be open, lake views, small marina, bathrooms, shade,
parking, restaurant. From Eugene, East on hwy 126 to Hwy 20, about 5 miles past Santiam Pass make a right
at Suttle lake resort, follow the signs to the lodge.
Oct 7---Tuesday---Drake Park/Mirror Pond, downtown Bend, some free parking along Franklin Ave, city parking
at Franklin and Wall st. (first two hours free), bathrooms, water, shade walk to restaurants.
Oct 8---Wednesday---Farewell Bend Community Park. Very nice new park along the Deschutes River. within
sight of the Old Mill Shopping district. Three covered shelters (in case of rain this will be my fall back site on
other days as well) interesting cliff and river views, bathrooms, water, little shade except the shelters,
easy parking all along the trail. Located off Reed Market road and Alderwood Ave. From Downtown Bend
take Bond street, ( Go through some roundabouts but stay on Bond ) then right on to Reed market road.
Oct 9---Thursday---Smith Rock State Park. From Bend take Hwy 97 north for 21 miles passing through Redmond.
About 4 miles past Redmond you come to Terrebonne. At the yellow traffic light turn right onto B ave. Go .5 miles
then left onto First St. go 2 miles and look for the small entrance sign. Drive time from Bend 28 min. three dollar fee,
bathrooms. water "epic panorama of unexpected beauty."
Oct 10---Friday---Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory. From Bend take Hwy 97 south for 12 miles, turn right
at Sunriver, follow Nature center signs through three traffic circles-turn at 3 o'clock in the first circle, 11 o'clock in the second,
and 9 o'clock in the third Or stop and ask for directions at the village mall. Parking anywhere along the road in
Sunriver is forbidden. This is one of the few places where we can park our cars. I was told we could use the
gravel parking lot and the restroom without having to pay the entrance fee of two dollars. Since it is so little
I will pay it anyway. There are wonderful views of the meadows, wetlands and also river views.

Oct 11---Saturday---Tumalo State Park. Located about 5 miles N W of bend. From Bend head towards Sisters,
watch for a Park sign on your left, travel one mile to the park day use area. Nice views of Tumalo creek,
interesting rock formations shade, bathrooms, water.
Oct 12---Sunday---Mirror Pond/Drake Park again. Parking could be a challenge but a good day to paint people
in your landscapes.
Oct 13---Monday---Wizard Falls hatchery. Metolius River. I have seen some beautiful sights in my day but this
spot really knocked my socks off. On the way back to Eugene, about 10 miles past Sisters, turn right at
"Head of the Metolius/Camp Sherman" sign, follow signs to the fish hatchery, it's about 10 miles. Bathrooms,
water, parking, no fee but bring quarters to feed the fish.

September 2008 Paint-Out Locations

I love painting outside in Oregon in the Fall. There is good weather and great color. I have had several requests for critiques. This will give us feed back on our paintings of the day. I would like to try is at 2pm, or the end of the day. The google calender at the end of this blog page has each of these paint-outs on it. You can click on the paint-out event and then click on the word "map" and get a google map of the location, or click on "details" to get a description. Please let me know if this technology does or does not work on your computer and browser.
See you outside painting fall colors soon,

Sept. 3, Wed. Mathews Garden Evening Paintout, 4pm - 8pm, 15th St. at Hayes St. Eugene Oregon. Mathew Community Gardens have Sunflowers, tomatos, corn, and garden plots to paint. Peggie and I have an allotment at Mathews Gardens and will be there 4-8pm. Water but no restrooms. Closest restroom is Albertson's at 18th and Chanbers, three blocks away. Parking on street and in small lot.
Sept. 5, Friday, West D street Greenway, Springfield Oregon. West D street at Aspen Street, Drive west on D Street, left on Aspen. Parking by a boat ramp on the Willamette. Water and restrooms at park near Aspen and D St....great views of the river, a backwater pond on Pre's trail.
Sept.6, Saturday, Island Park Springfield Paintout under the bridge, Across Springfield bridge, first right will loop under the bridge. This is the end of Mill Street. There is parking and water and restrooms. Views of the river and the bridge.
Sept 10, Wed. Oregon Natural and Cultural History Paintout on UO Campus, 1680 E. 15th St. Eugene Oregon, Behind the Knight Law School. Garden, meteorite, salmon and indian statue, park across the street...lots to paint. Parking on street at meters.
Sept. 12, Friday, Jordon Snitzer Museum Paintout, UO Campus, Students are gone this week, but we still have to pay parking meters. The open space in front of the museum is the original college square. Lots of building, trees, and sculptures to paint...even a few students.
Sept. 13, Sat. Dede Hall at UO Paintout, One of the oldest building on campus, behind Lillith Business Center on 13th near UO bookstore. We must pay to park and the students are returning. Dede hall has a row of Douglas Fir along the front walk and maples around back. It is very scenic.
Sept. 17, Wed. Hinman Winery Paintout, 27012 Briggs Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97405. http://www.silvanridge.com/
(541) 345-1945 for the winery. South on Baily Hill road, becomes Bertelsen to Spencer Creek Road. Right on Spencer Creek Road (there are blue Hinman Winery signs) 2 miles and then left on Briggs Hill Road. 3.5 miles to the winery entrance on the left. They open at noon, but we can come early and make ourselves at home(the restrooms have outside access). We can bring a picnic lunch or snacks. The Hinman sisters are glad to have us. No cover, if it rains we get wet.
Sept. 19, Friday, Skinner Butte Evening Equinox Paintout, 3pm - 7pm. South on Pearl, left on 3rd. St. behind Ya-Pa-Ah Terrace.
Water but no restrooms. great views of Eugene all the way to three Sisters. No cover. If it rains we can paint at 5th St. Market where the restrooms are.
Sept. 20, Sat. Skinner Butte Daytime Paintout, This will give us backup in case of rain on Friday. No cover, if it rains we can paint at 5th st. mkt. where the restrooms are. I will come as early as possible.
Sept. 24, Wed. Secret House Winery Paintout, 11am - 5pm, They are only open 11am to 5pm and they said we are welcome any day.
Sept. 26, Friday, Roaring Rapids Pizza Paintout, 4006 Franklin Blvd, Eugene Oregon, Roaring Rapids Pizza is right on the river. Great views up and down the river. Water and restrooms, but no cover. So if it rains I am inside eating pizza. They said we can come anytime. The slowest time is 2-4pm. I said we don't bite. People don't bother us.
Sept. 27, Sat. Hendricks Park Fall Paintout, South from Franklin on Walnut St., left on Summit st. to Hendricks Park. I have scheduled fall colors in both the Rhody garden and in the forest. In case of rain we will be under the shelter.

Plein Air Blogs and Webpages

Here are a few blogs and web pages I have found about Plein Air Painting:

Raynald Murphy plein air tips in English and in French

Sarkis Antikajian's webpage

Bets Cole's webpage

Plein Air Painters of American (well at least Catalina Island)

International Plein Air Painters (of Niagra Falls)

Plein Air Painters of Oregon (actually of Bend)

What's in a color?
This is more that you ever wanted to know about artist's paints and what is in them.
It describes how paint manufactures describe light fastness and how you can determine exactly what is in the paints you are using. Amazing information.


August 2008 Paintout Locations

August 2008 Paintout locations for Plein Air Painters of Eugene-Springfield

1, Friday, Rosie Beals Huntley's Paintout, 32633 Bush Garden Dr.
Harrisburg Oregon 97446, 8:30 am to 3pm. Bring your coast paintings
so we can have a "show and tell" at 2pm. I realized that we have not seen
most of the paintings everyone did at the coast. Here is Rosie's invitation:
Hi, I am offering my house and 2 1/2 acre grounds for a paintout  in July.
There are views of the Coburg Hills, barns, pasture, flowers, pond with
waterfall plus 2 other water fountains. You can come and go as they please,
no formal lunch etc. just coffee, soda, light snacks. 5 miles north of Coburg,
North Coburg Rd. to S curve, sign on left "Bush Gardens" 4th house on the
right.Rosie…(North Coburg is the rightmost "y " of Coburg Road at the
Coburg firehouse)
 August 6, Wednesday, Owens Rose Garden Paintout
There is great color and shade this timeof year. Drive north on
Jefferson to rose garden parking lot.
August, 8-9, Friday and Saturday, Hendricks Park Paintout.
South on Walnut from Franklin.Walnut becomes Fairmont, then left on
Summit. We will near Rhody garden on top the the hill.Good Shade,
bathrooms and water...be careful of running sprinklers this time of year.
 August 13, Wednesday, Hinman Winery Paintout, 27012 Briggs Hill Rd,
Eugene, OR 97405,
http://www.silvanridge.com/ (541) 345-1945 for the
winery. South on Baily Hill road, becomes Bertelsen to Spencer Creek
Road. Right on Spencer Creek Road (there is a blue Hinman Winery sign)
2 miles and then left on Briggs Hill Road. Drive 3.5 miles to the winery
entrance on the left. They open at noon, but we can come early and make
ourselves at home. We can bring a picnic lunch or snacks.
The Hinman sisters are glad to have us.
 August 15-16, Friday-Saturday, Alton Baker Park Paintout, Lots of
good views. Shade and views are good near the foot of the DeFazio bridge.
 August 20, Wednesday, EWEB Evening paintout, 500 E. 4th Ave. Eugene,
Oregon. 5pm to 9pm. Evening light over Alton Baker park and the Coburg Hills
should be beautiful.
 August 22-23, Friday and Saturday. River House paintout. This is one of
Coda's favorite locations. Drive North on Adams St. to the River House,
Eugene Rec. facility. Park on the street and walk to the river. Lots of
shade and good river views.
 August 27th, Wednesday; Alsea Falls Paintout with Corvallis Painters,
The Corvallis Plein Air Painters have invited us to paint with them at
Alsea Falls recreation area:http://publiclands.org/explore/site.php?id=3414
Take 99W north past Monroe, then turn west on County Road #45120 and
go 5 miles to Alpine Junction, then take South Fork Alsea Access Road
9 miles to Alsea Falls Campground. They start about 9am. Let me know
if you need someone to carpool with. Our Corvallis contact is Dee Yarnell
 August 29th, Friday, Brooks' and Loraine's Birthday Paintout at Owen Rose
Garden. Brooks' favorite summer paintout location. Paint all day. I will bring
cake or cookies for a 1pm critique break. No presents please. Take
Jefferson North to rose garden parking lot.
 August 30th, Saturday, Owen Rose garden one more time this summer,
but this time without the cake.

June Paintouts in Eugene

June paintout started with our first art critic. Robbie Raccoon greeted us on the Delta Ponds trail.

Brooks painting Delta Ponds wetlands for Erik Sandgren's 2010 show.

Kathy was there trying out acrylic paints.

Phemie's oil painting turned out beautifully.

Next was Kirk park and more wetlands.
Dorothy is painting with watercolors.

Marilyn is using watercolors also.

Mark paints with acrylics, as always.

Here is Renee just getting started.

Sandy braved the bright sun to get a good view of the wetlands.

As did Jacki.

Next was the top of Skinner Butte. Here is Carol with her watercolor.

Dorothy is here too.

As is Mara. Where is Coda?

Renee and her full sheet watercolor.

Sally in the open fields above Eugene.

Victoria was actually the first one here.

Yvonne is painting with oils.

Next is Owens Rose Garden on the banks of the Willamette River.
Here Yvonne is painting from the gazebo.

Sandy is taking snap shots.

Patty joined us for the first time. She is captivated by the patterns in the overhead trellis.

Jacki with two of her paintings.

Jacki painting in the shade.

Dorothy is also enjoying the shade too.


One of the daily reviews at the coast.

Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July