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Dorothy's Birthday Paintout Mt. Pisgah November 19

Monday, November 19, 2007, at Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, Oregon
Dorothy's birthday, we are painting rain or shine. Actually rain and shine. The weather changed every half hour all day long. All the creeks and Willamette River are full from the rain all weekend.

Sherri Mac paints in the rain/sun/rain/sun/....Sherri demonstrated her "paint in the rain with two umbrellas" technique.

Inside we gathered at 1pm for Dorothy's birthday celebration. Brooks, Sherri, Sarkis, Dorothy, Phemie, and Peggie is taking the picture. The new shelter at Mt. Pisgah is dry with lots of windows to enjoy the view...even if not heated.

Sherri, Dorothy, Sarkis, Phemie and Peggie get ready for cake.

After cake the sun comes out and we are back to painting.

Dorothy and her tree. She painted outside even if I photographed it indoors.


One of the daily reviews at the coast.

Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July