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September 2007 Skinner Butte and River House Eugene Oregon

End of September and we are painting on top of Skinner Butte overlooking downtown Eugene.
Beautiful view and very sunny September 26, Wednesday.

Robin found the shade and got here first.

Dorothy and I were in the sun, but the view was worth it, even with the smoke from a forest service burn in the air.

Sally, Jacki, and Sally's friend from California arrived last and moved up the hill into the shade. I don't blame them.

Friday, September 28, the rains started. We don't let that bother us.

Phemie brought her umbrella. Good thinking.

Dorothy and Peggie were dressed for the weather, but still got a little wet.

I painted till the acrylic paint started washing off the paper. Note the fine transparency in this work ;-{)


One of the daily reviews at the coast.

Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July