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Paintout August 17th at River House Eugene Oregon

Paintout at River on Friday August 17, 2007. Myron joined us from California. He promises to return next summer. Myron attended Sarkis' workshop last week here in Eugene. He is holding his oil painting of the Greenway bike bridge.

Mark joined us also. He actually painted the River House.

This is the view of the Greenway Bike bridge that I was also painting. Judy painted this same view, but I forgot to take her picture. I apologise Judy.

Change in August 2007 Paintout Locations

The wineries are real busy this month and so I have taken both Sweet Cheeks and LaVelle off the August calender...and reschuled them for Sept.
So, the remains of August look like this:
August 22, Wednesday: Mt. Pisgah ($2 parking)
August 24/25, Coburg park, downtown Coburg.
August 29, Wednesday, Art Block Paintout. Between 7th and 8th on Willamette. There are four galleries in this block, Jacobs (in the Hult), Opus 6, Karin Clarke, and White Lotus. Parking garage has first hour free, 75c per hour after that.
August 31, Sept. 1, Friday/Sat. West D Street Greenway, Springfield (West D at Aspen St)...on the River.
Teashirt at Rhoda paint "We Paint because we can."

Paintout at King Estates August 15, 2007

Paintout at King Estates, August 15, 2007, Wednesday.
This is Yvonne just as she was leaving. Yvonne is new to Oregon so I told her about the Eugene Mayor Art show...Jacobs Gallery, August 27th...one painting per artist. $10 charge.

Renee found the shade tree at the top of the hill. Stunning view and wonderful painting.

Joan's first time to paint with us. She tooks Sarkis' workshop last week. This is the KingEstate Market which was not open, bummer. It is open only Thursday-Sunday.

Jill got her Mini repaired after her accident. Nice view and painting.

Calender updates for August 2007 Paintouts

Using this calender: click on event and an event description will pop up. Click on the word "map" and a google map will pop up for the paintout location.

Calender changes for August:
August 15: King Estates...I called and confirmed that their gates open a 8am. We can arrive anytime after that.
August 24-25: Was not good for Sweet Cheeks. So we are changing to Coburg park, downtown Coburg. Take Coburg road from Eugene one block past the Pearl St. (the road to I5), turn right one block and the park is right there. There is water, bathrooms, and shade. Views are old houses, street scenes, the Coburg Hills and park scenes. Enjoy. I moved Sweet Cheeks to Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2007.

Dorris Ranch and Oakway Center, August 8, 10, and 11th, 2007

While Sarkis, Phemie and I were in a plein air workshop all week, Rod and Mark were painting at Dorris Ranch and Oakway Center. Here is Rod and Oakway. They closed the ranch to visitors and started spraying something while Rod and Mark were there...but, as usual, Rod and Mark stayed and painted, spray or no spray.

Here is Mark painting in the bright sun at Dorris Ranch.

August 10 and 11, Rod and Mark painted at Oakway Center. Notice that Mark did move to the shade to paint a Oakway.

Another view of Mark painting a Oakway.

August 3rd Island Park Springfield Paint out

Island Park Springfield Oregon Paint out, August 3, 2007.
Pam and Mark and I showed early. Sally and Yvonne came later, but I missed taking their picture.

Pam creating a wonderful watercolor.

Mark painting with oils.

The ducks pestered me until I had to put them in my painting. A young girl walking by asked me how I got so good at painting. I said it is just like playing the piano....practice, practice, practice. Today I am practicing my ducks.

July 29th Paint Out at Stephanie's

Paint Out at Stephanie's by Armatage Park. This Sunday paintout was nice and cool. Stephanie's garden was the main attraction. I painted in Armatage park in the morning. Then Stephanie had a nice lunch for us and we painted in the afternoon in her garden.
this is Paul painting a garden scene.

Here is Sally looking for flowers to paint.

Here is Stephanie painting her rock path through her garden.
Thanks Stephanie for the beautiful place to paint.

Plein Air Painting News - August 2, 2007

Tomorrow, August 3, at 7pm Sarkis Antikajain is giving his demo at Emerald Art Center, 500 Main St. in Springfield. It is $5 for EAC members and $10 for non-members. Sarkis' demos are wonderful. Come if you can.

Phemie will have paintings at Full City Coffee on Pearl. Her paintings will be in the back area from Aug 12-Sept 9.

Humberto Gonzalez just called and said he will be in Eugene tomorrow to see the show at Karin Clarke's gallery and will stop by to visit us while we are painting in Island Park. Humberto has painted with us several times and is leading a plein air workshop at the EAC in October.

Eugene Mayor's art show has "call to artists" in the Jacobs Gallery at the Hult center. The day they accept paintings for the show this year is Monday August 27th.

Springfield Mayor's art show has "call to artists" at the Emerald Art Center. The day they accept paintings will be September 29th.



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Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July