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Sunday Paint Out , July 29, 2007 at Stephanie's

Here is a note I got from Stephanie about our Paint Out this Sunday at her place:

I don't think people need to rsvp.
I'll make somethingthat can serve however many people that come and besaved if people don't. I'll have vegetarian optiontoo.I'm thinking I might just paint at my house in themorning (so i'll be there to show people the back wayto the park and get lunch ready), then I'll servethe snack/light lunch to anyone who wants around noon and then go over to armitage park afterward to paint.

People are welcome to join me at my house to paint in the morning anytime after 9 a.m. or they can just paint at armitage and come to my house for a lunch if they like for a break at noon. (the coolest trees are at the north west end of the park down by the river...there is road access into the park and bathrooms and water).

Directions to my house:
On coburg rd, going north from beltline rd.:
Go through 3 lights (one near costco, one past shopkoand one where old gamefarm road crosses coburg rd.)and then coburg road will turn to the right. folllow it around the curve and skip the first trailer park onyour left (idle wheels) and immediately after that park there will be another one (Parkside) which is the one you want.
Turn left into park...go about a dozen trailers into the park and turn left at the firstroad.
I'm the first trailer on your right, #42, green,with lots of plants around it. looking forward to seeing folks and painting sunday.
thanks stephanie


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Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July