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Springfield's Great Outdoor Painting Contest July 28, 2007

The Springfield Art Commission held its first Outdoor Painting contest Saturday, July 28th, 2007. They had 16 entries and I won a blue ribbon for watercolor.
Here are a couple of picture I took at the paintout.

Yvonne was painting the Springfield bridge on this cloudy overcast morning.

Here you can see Yvonne's painting...almost complete.

Charlene was hugging the shade (as was I). Charlene is a member of the Arts Commission and helped organize the paintout.

Paintout at Nancy and John's farm July 25, 2007

Thank you Nancy and John for letting us paint at your beautiful farm Fall Creek Oregon.

Renee painted in the shade next to the barn....with the chickens.
This is Nancy and John's barn. An early dairy barn that found its way into several paintings.

Nancy is starting a watercolor of her tractor.

Marilyn and Dorthy are having lunch in the back yard.

Jean painted right out there with the cows. I love her green.

Dorthy joined Renee next to the barn.

The chickens loved Renee's Prius. Do you think Toyota knows they have built a chicken magnet?

Here is my painting of Nancy's bee hives. Art is where you find it.

August 2007 Paintout Eugene and Springfield Oregon

Here are my recommendations for August paintouts. I have started listing the same location for both Friday and Saturday. I get requests for both days and this way you will have your choice. You can paint on Friday or Saturday or both. Also you will have a weather choice. Too hot on Friday...wait till Saturday. This is a trial. Let me know what works for you.
I will also publish a google calender on this blog so you can click on the day and see the paintout location.

August 1, Wednesday, Autzen foot bridge. Access from Autzen stadium parking lot and a pretty good walk to the foot bridge. From the south side of the Willamette take Franklin to Riverfront Parkway. Riverfront deadends at the bridge but there is no parking there....bummer. I guess you have to park back on Millrace St. Closest water and restrooms are at the Science Museum behind Autzen stadium.

August 3/4, Friday/Saturday, Island Park in Springfield. From Franklin turn north (left if you are coming from Eugene) then Left on B Street into Island Park parking lot. Water, restrooms, and good views of the Willamette River, Springfield Bridge, and several islands. The Springfield Outdoor painting contest was held here yesterday, July 28. I remembered why I like painting here. Lots of shade and good river views.

August 6-10, Sarkis, Phemie and I will be in Sarkis' Plein Air workshop sponsored by Emerald Art Center.

August 8, Wednesday, Dorris Ranch Living History Farm. Portapotty but no water. Bring water. Barns, old houses, trees, to paint. Take first right after Springfield bridge on Franklin onto South 2nd Street. After about a mile 2nd street enters the ranch gravel parking lot.

August 10/11, Friday/Saturday, Oakway Center at Coberg Road and Oakway St. The courtyard of Oakway has flowers, trees, shade, restrooms, water and the umbrellas are up for Rod. We painted Oakway this spring in the rain. Now we can paint it in the sun.

August 15, King Estates Winery, 80854 Territorial Highway, about 5 miles south from Lorain Highway intersection. King Estates has an organic market near the entrance that has in-season fruits and vegtables and it also serves lunch....as well as a little wine.

August 17/18, Friday/Saturday. River House is a Eugene Parks and Rec. House, 301 N. Adams St. Parking is on the street, and you have to walk a block to the Willamette South Bank Trail. But there are restrooms and water (on Friday, don't know about Saturday) and the river view along this part of the South Bank Trail is stunning. Oh yes, lots of shade.

August 22, Wednesday. Mt. Pisgah. East on 30th st., over I5 turn left and then right after the Shell station (on Franklin watch for small signs) then left on Seavey Loop Rd....drive to the end a couple of miles. Restrooms, water, shade and good views. $2 parking fee.

August 24/25, Friday/Saturday. Sweet Cheeks Winery, 27007 Brigs Hill Road. South on Baily Hill Road from 18th street and look for blue signs. Great views, water, restrooms, but not much shade. We painted here last month and everyone loved the vistas.

August 29, Wednesday, Lavelle Winery, 89697 Sheffler Rd, Elmira, OR. West on 11th street out of Eugene and follow the blue winery signs. Trees, shade, restrooms, water, and new stonework on the building.

August 31/September 1, Friday/Saturday. West D St. Greenway, Springfield Oregon. Drive west on D Street, left on Aspen. Parking by a boat ramp on the Willamette. No Water, No restrooms (Willamalane Rec. center has both 8 blocks away at Mill and C street)...but great views of the river and a backwater pond on the North Bank Trail. We painted here earlier in the year and a dozen painters enjoyed it.

I am looking forward to lots of outside painting in August.
See you there,

Word from Jerry Ross

Jerry sent me this picture today. He painted it from the LCC campus of Mt. Pisgah.
Nice Job Jerry.
I hope you can join us this fall.

Sunday Paint Out , July 29, 2007 at Stephanie's

Here is a note I got from Stephanie about our Paint Out this Sunday at her place:

I don't think people need to rsvp.
I'll make somethingthat can serve however many people that come and besaved if people don't. I'll have vegetarian optiontoo.I'm thinking I might just paint at my house in themorning (so i'll be there to show people the back wayto the park and get lunch ready), then I'll servethe snack/light lunch to anyone who wants around noon and then go over to armitage park afterward to paint.

People are welcome to join me at my house to paint in the morning anytime after 9 a.m. or they can just paint at armitage and come to my house for a lunch if they like for a break at noon. (the coolest trees are at the north west end of the park down by the river...there is road access into the park and bathrooms and water).

Directions to my house:
On coburg rd, going north from beltline rd.:
Go through 3 lights (one near costco, one past shopkoand one where old gamefarm road crosses coburg rd.)and then coburg road will turn to the right. folllow it around the curve and skip the first trailer park onyour left (idle wheels) and immediately after that park there will be another one (Parkside) which is the one you want.
Turn left into park...go about a dozen trailers into the park and turn left at the firstroad.
I'm the first trailer on your right, #42, green,with lots of plants around it. looking forward to seeing folks and painting sunday.
thanks stephanie

Directions to Nancy's farm for July 25th paint out

Every year OSU has an Art about Agriculture show. This is a great chance to paint an Art about Agriculture painting to enter in the OSU 2008 show.

Coming from Eugene take I-5 south and exit at the Pleasant Hill/Hy 58 exit. Go through Pleas. Hill just past the High School and turn left at the blinking yellow light. This is Park Rd which will take you to Jasper.At the intersection in Jasper, turn right and go 3.9 miles. Turn left toward Fall Creek. After you?ve gone 2 miles you will be at the Fall Creek Store. Keep going straight for about 3 more miles. (Note: Little Fall Creek Road begins just past the store, be sure you keep going straight ahead at this intersection) Our driveway will be on the left just opposite our mailbox which is numbered 40645.

To get to Jasper from downtown Springfield head east on South A/Main St. to 32nd. Turn right and 32nd will curve left and become Jasper road leading to Jasper. At Jasper keep going straight for 3.9 miles to Fall Creek as in directions above.

For 105/126 go to end of Expressway, cross Main St. and take the Bob Straub pkwy to 57th. Turn righ and go to the 4 way stop. Turn right on Mt. Vernon Rd. After crossing the RR tracks turn left at the blinking red light. This puts you on Jasper road and headed toward Jasper. At Jasper keep going straight as above.

Painting possibilities: We have an older red barn. Lots of tractors, red, green, blue, gray. An old manure spreader with grape vines growing over it. Lots of farm equipment and tools around. A flock of chickens with a few roosters. A mama hen and her small chicks in the barn. 5 geese, yearling calves. Across from the entrance to our driveway is Little Fall Creek .Open hayfields/ pastures and wooded areas. Around the house are several flower beds and also a veg/flower garden.The ?farmer?s toilet? is in the laundry room at the side of our carport so you don?t have to take off your dirty shoes to go in the house. There are several outdoor spigots for water. We have a couple of picnic tables around for lunch and/or painting.If you decide to look up our address on Mapquest you?ll be close but not right on target. I fooled the program and entered 40380 LFC Rd. and got pretty close to the entrance to our driveway. It should put you about halfway between Lafon Ln and Renegade Ln on LFC Rd.

Plein Air Owosso Bridge Eugene Oregon

Stephanie rode her bicycle to join us at Owosso Foot Bridge.

Yvonne's first time painting with us at Owosso Bridge. Yvonne recently moved here from Hawaii where she painted with the Hawaii Plein Air painters.

Stephanie and Yvonne looking north on the Willamette River.

Rod is sketching and visiting. He suggested this beautiful spot on the Willamette River. The Owosso Foot Bridge is in the background.

Mark is painting the view to the north with oils.

Jennifer joined us for the first time since Erik Sandgren's workshop in April, 2007. Jennifer also rode her bike today.

Brooks is painting the Owosso Bridge in Acrylics.

Plein Air Painting in the Heat

Summer brings a little warm weather, even in Eugene/Springfield Oregon.
Here are a few tips I picked up camping with the scouts in Texas about surviving and even enjoying the summer heat.
1. Go early and leave early. Even 90 degree days are cool in the morning.
2. Hug the shade. Trees are the greatest natural AC.
3. Wear hat and clothes that cover and protect. Everyone gets an A. I have seen good hats and long sleve shirts on everyone.
4. Sip water all day. We can get dehydrated before we get thirsty.
5. Wet your clothes. This really feels good.
6. Don't go out painting alone. Take a friend or paint with us. Your friend can notice your flushed cheeks before you will.
7. Use sunscreen. You can get burned, even in Oregon.
8. If you feel bad, quit painting and call it a day. Don't take chances.

See you early this month and next (July and August).

Plein Air Painting -Greenway Bike Bridge-July 7, 2007

This is the Greenway Bike Bridge by Valley River Center in Eugene, Oregon. This picture was taken from the south bank down by the water. I tried to paint these reflections and they drove me crazy. We just had a few painters on this busy Saturday.
This is Mark. He painted the Willamette River view from under the Greenway Bridge.

Here is Jill and Susan. Jill was painting a Willamette view from on the bridge, and Susan came to see everyones setup so she can get ready for the Oregon Coast Paintout this next week.
Anne showed up too and brought her oils.

This is the view up the Willamette that Jill and Mark were painting.

Plein Air Painting at King Estates Winery June 29, 2007

Is was a dark and stormy day, June 29, 2007, at King Estates Winery. This did not bother the Plein Air painters of Eugene. What is a little rain to us?
This is the winery atop the hill as seen from the Market place.

This is a dark and stormy market place where King Estates sell organic fruits and vegetables that they grow themselves.

Here Sarkis is painting a large oil painting of the beautiful long view.

Marilyn drawing on a market place bench.

Marilyn and Dorthy arriving. They waited till the rain was over to start out. But they did keep coming through the rain showers along the way.

Dorthy got close to the vines to paint here watercolors.

Paul was out here somewhere, but I did not get a picture of him.

Plein Air Painting at Sweet Cheeks Winery June 27, 2007

Wednesday, June 27, Sweet Cheeks Winery. Sandy was the first one there. She called ahead and found out that the gate would be open before noon. The weather started out cloudy but the sun came out and it got warmer as the day went on. So earlier was better.

Roger was drawing and painting on big paper. Very free.

Nancy's watercolors on big paper were fast and lose.

Mark's first time. He is doing a small oil.

Mara and her watercolors.

Jill painting oil or acrylics. Bold, bright colors.

The view went on forever. As did the plein air painters.

Dorthy painting watercolors.

Shows by Plein Air Artist July 2007 in Eugene

Here are the current July shows that I know about. If you have a show hanging in Eugene or Springfield that I have missed, please let me know and I will post it to this blog.

Sandy Larkin has paintings at Expressolo on 13th and Hillary.
Carla Wenzlaff has a nice show at Koho Grill on Baily Hill Road and 18th across from Churchhill High.
Sarkis AntiKajian has a show at LaFollette, 931 Oak Street, Eugene.
Sarkis' show will be up thru July and there will be a reception First Friday, July 7, 5:30-7pm.
Jacki Lukowski has a show at Emerald Art Center, 500 Main St., Springfield, thru July, and she will have a reception on second friday, July 13 from 5:30-7:30pm.

Anyone else?
Nice work to everyone.

Calender for Plein Air Painting July 2007

Click on the date to see details for each paint out. Click on 'map' on the event description to see a google map to the paint out.

Plein Air Locations for July 2007

July Calendar for Plein air painters of Eugene and Springfield
July 7, Saturday, Valley River Center foot bridge near the Valley River Center.
July 11, Wednesday, North Delta ponds near parking lot at 650 Goodpasture Island Road. Porta-potty but no running water-Rod sent me these great maps.

July 14, Saturday, Owosso Foot Bridge near 2952 Riverwalk Loop. Rod Gillilan has offered his house for water and bathroom, 2870 Edgewater Dr. (about 2 blocks). Rod's phone is 485-3611 and cell-954-9594. Anywhere along the trail there are great views of the Willamette River and the footbridge.

July 18, Wednesday, Owen Memorial Rose Garden, Jefferson at the river- I will be at the coast with Erik Sandgren on this date.
July 21, Saturday, DeFazio footbridge at Alton Baker Park, or we can park at EWEB, 4th and Ferry St. and walk to the bridge. There are views from both sides. I suggest the shade along the trails.
July 25, Wednesday, Nancy Klobas Farm – this is tentative, more information will be coming out later.
July 28, Saturday, Springfield Art Council –Outdoor painting contest at Island Park. Registration 7-10am ($8.50 for adults) and judging at 2pm...Ribbons only to winners and winners will hang in Springfield City Hall for the month of August. Call to artists to follow.
July 29, Sunday, Stephanie Barrow’s at Parkside Trailer Park immediately
west of armtitage park. (3950 N. Coburg Rd. #42). Stephanie has offered snack, water, bathroom and walking distance from Armatage Park….or you can meet us at Armatage park..
August 1, Wednesday, Foot Bridge #4. Autzen footbridge. Access from Autzen stadium parking lot, but a pretty good walk to the footbridge - From the south side of the Willamette take Franklin to Riverfront Parkway. Riverfront deadends at the bridge but there is no parking there....bummer. I guess you have to park back on Millrace St.
August 4, Saturday, this is tentative too. I 5 footbridge - I don't know how to get close to this footbridge in a car. Can anyone help me? Footbridge #5. South of the Willamette there is Franklin park off Garden Ave./Walnut St...but this looks like a pretty good hike to get close to the bridge.


One of the daily reviews at the coast.

Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July