Words to paint by:

Saturday, June 23, Painting with Humberto

Humberto painting at the Cuthbert. We did not get started till 11 am and gradually other artists found us. Unfortunately Sally and Stephanie never found us. My directions need improvement. I will try to do better in July. The weather was nice and we painted to 4:30pm. Then Humbert had to drive back to Portland. We appreciate Humberto driving from Portland to paint with us.

Humberto, Mara, and Renee.

Jacki and Jill overlooking the water.

Jacki with her painting.

Mara painting near the Cuthbert.

Renee in the shade.

Roger on the Bridge.

June 16 - Painting at Gray's Garden Center

Brooks painting at Gray's on a gray day. Nice weather for a paint out.

Phemie and Rosalie at Gray's. Several artists were selling cards and prints and paintings. Rosalie was doing a brisk business.

Rod and Lorayne at Gray's.

Stephanie and friend a Gray's.

Sarkis and Karen at Gray's. The cloudy day was perfect for painting outside. The large oil behind Sarkis was just finished.

Change in Winerys for Plein Air June 27 and 29

I called Sweet Cheeks and LaVelle Winerys today to confirm our paint out on Wednesday, June 27, and Friday, June 29. Sweet Cheeks is not open till noon. So, Sarkis, the gate is locked and we cannot get in till 12 noon.

LaVelle is redoing its outside with new stone work and wants us to come in a couple of weeks after they are finished....so,
I suggest we change Friday, June 29, to King Estates. I checked their calender online and the do not have any special events planned for Friday.

Wednesday, June 27, 12-6pm, Sweet Cheeks Winery, 26961 Brigs Hill Rd. 97405.

Friday, June 29, King Estates Winery 80854 Territorial Hwy, Eugene, OR ... anytime (market place opens at 11am, but I have arrived early and could get in)


see you there,

Humberto Gonzalez will join us on Saturday June 23rd

I just talked to Humberto Gonzalez on the phone and he will be joining us for painting Saturday at Alton Baker Park. We want to paint along the pond with the canoe rentals. Up toward the Cuthbert. There are some beautiful trees along the trail beside the water. Humberto is from Portland. He taught a plein air class at Emerald Art last fall, and he has agreed to teach a three day class this October also.
I will be in a work shop Wednesday while you are painting at Mt. Pisgah. So see you Saturday.

Plein Air Workshops at Emerald Art Center

Emerald Art Center in Springfield is sponsoring three plein air workshops this summer and fall.The instructors have three distinct styles so there should be something for everyone.
Sarkis Antikajian paints thick impasto oil (or acrylic) with wonderful juicy colors.
Bets Cole uses water-media on paper that ranges from watercolor to gouache to acrylic and sometimes all three in one painting.
Humberto Gonzalez paints lose transparent watercolors with a dash of ink stick.

The dates are:
August 6-10, 5 days, for Sarkis' workshop
September 11-14, 4 day, for Bets' workshop
October 6-8, 3 day -weekend for Humberto's workshop

All the details are on the Emerald Art Website:

I plan to attend all three.

Wednesday June 13th Springfield West D Street

Wednesday, June 13th, we met at West D Street in Springfield Oregon. Here is Sarkis painting beside the Willamette River.

Robin did a black and white value study. A difficult challange.

Renee was painting on a three dimentional block. Can anyone not there guess what Renee was painting on?

Sally painted watercolors of the river and trees.

Phemie was working in oil.

Jean was also painting in oil. Here subject was the reflecting backwater pond and the foliage around it.

Here are Bets and Lois on the north trail. Bets was painting watercolor and acrylics combined and Lois was doing watercolors.

Erik Sandgren's Newport Paint Out

I received this in January. Erik sends this out every year. I plan to go the second week.
Erik's father Nelson Sandgren started this paint out many years ago (I don't know when).
I have only been twice and really enjoyed both times.

January 29, 2007

Erik Sandgren

811 North Thornton Street

Aberdeen, Washington 98520


Phone: h. 360-538-0716

Cell 360-581-1305

Dear Friends –

More than ever I am looking forward again to painting with you at the coast. This year your presence will be especially meaningful: there have been big changes for all of us. Nelson will be there in different ways than we are accustomed to. I miss him. In the spirit he initiated it’s up to us to continue to find the joy in each other and the great outdoors.

Not everyone has e-mail but we don’t want to lose you if you don’t. Please send me any updates to e-mail or postal addresses and continue to pass the word to friends and sympathetic painters who may be interested in this vital experience. New people are welcome.

This year we meet Monday, July 9 through Saturday, July 21. We’ll conclude with a new event – a potluck dinner in the park by Yaquina Light. Modine Stebbins and Sally Sharbaugh have offered to help with this. Please hook up with them when you get to the coast.

For those who plan to make it the first day on Monday, July 9th, we’ll see you at 9:00 AM sharp at Ona Beach State Park.

On the evening of July 18th we meet at the Newport Recreation Center (225 S.E. Avery Street). A short slide presentation/talk followed by an informal viewing of the group’s latest work will be held there from 7:30- 9:30 PM. Everyone is welcome to bring a painting done during the previous week of painting together. It is exciting to see work energized by the landscapes and interactions we have all experienced.

On Ju1y 21st at 1:00 PM (on the final afternoon) we’ll do a potluck dinner at the picnic facilities in the sheltered park below Yaquina Light (in Newport west of the bridge- not Yaquina Head).

We will meet as usual at the sites listed below at 9:00 AM each day: rain, shine, or wind. We often paint until late in the day. Note that many of us feel free to take a long break for lunch to get out of the mid-day sun or weather and resume painting when the light is about to change so as to paint as long as possible into the late afternoon.

For those who desire a more intensive approach based on focused painting challenges, I will offer a two day intensive workshop that some might find helpful. The workshop fee is $125. The workshop will be July 10 and 11 (on the second and third days only). As in the past, the workshop welcomes serious painters of all levels of experience. Participants can meet up with everyone on July 9th. Those in the workshop will then peel off for the next two days for discussion, demonstration, and assignments in the mornings. We will paint together during the day and have a review/critique/discussion of our work before rejoining everyone after 3:00PM. The workshop is offered on a space available basis with the size limited to 18 people. Last year it filled rather quickly. If interested, you may want to register soon.

To register for the workshop send me a $25 reservation fee. I will accept checks by mail in the order I receive them until the workshop fills. The $100 balance is payable on July 10th. Should your check arrive after the workshop has filled, I will contact you to see if you are interested in being placed on a wait-list in the event of cancellations. Feel free to inquire more about the workshop at any time by phone or e-mail.

At the sites below please renew efforts to double up on transportation. Parking is especially tight at Seal Rock, Cummins Creek, and Yachats South Shore. You might drive on your own to the vicinity and shuttle to the site with friends.

Rain or shine, bring your painting gear in any media, lunches, jackets, hats, and sunscreen. See you there!

Erik Sandgren

July 2007 Coast Painting Schedule and Itinerary

Bold type indicates Workshop days

Monday 9 Ona Beach State Park

Tuesday 10 Seal Rock State Park

Wednesday 11 Cummins Creek (Neptune State Park)

Thursday 12 Yachats South Shore

Friday 13 Rocky Creek State Park

Saturday 14 Yaquina Light (in Newport W. of the bridge)

Sunday 15 Depoe Bay (esp. south Boat Launch area)

Monday 16 Seal Rock again

Tuesday 17 Cummins Creek (Neptune State Park) again

Wednesday 18 Ona Beach again

Evening at the Newport Recreation Center 7:30 - 9:30 PM

Thursday 19 Seal Rock again

Friday 20 Rocky Creek again

Saturday 21 Yaquina Light again

Painting AM – Potluck and Exhibition 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Sunday, June 10, on UO Campus

Sunday, June 10, we painted near the Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum on the University of Oregon campus. Stephanie rode her bicycle from near Armatage Park on Coberg Road to UO with all her paint equipment. I am impressed. She has invited us to her place within walking distance of Armatage park to paint out. She is checking her calender for a good date this summer. Phemie, Sally, Dorthy and I were also there painting away. I have no pictures because I forgot my camera...bummer. The parking was terrible because UO scheduled the Prefontain track event the same day as our paintout, very inconsiderate. The weather was sun/cloud/rain/sun/cloud/rain...in that order. Lunch at Marche was delicious.
Next event- Wednesday, June 13, West D street in Springfield. See you there.

Wednesday June 6 on East Broadway

Wednesday, June 6, it was a cool and blustery day...first it was sunny, then cloudy, then rainy, then windy...but we perservered. Rod, Sarkis, Phemie, Sally, and I all showed up, but the painting conditions were less than ideal...but we kept painting. Here is Sarkis with his second street scene painting.

Here is Phemie on east Broadway.

Google Calender - Third times charm

I made the calender even smaller. click on the date you are interested in and the details should pop up. click on map and you should get a google map of the location where we are painting.

again, wish me luck.

Second Try at Google Calender

I made this calender smaller so it should fit on the blog.

Wish me luck.

Google Calender

I have discovered a google calender function that may let us put the plein air calender online.

Let me know if this works.

Paint out - Owens Rose Garden Eugene Oregon

We were at Owens Rose Garden May 30 and June 2, 2007. Here are a few pictures I took of the plein air painters. This is me, Brooks, painting in the shade.

Here is Sarkis painting an amazing tree.

Here is Paul painting the 160 year old cherry tree.

This is Sally with a new painter in the background.

Jacki answered lots of questions from friendly fans. Note the arches are blooming.

Updates to June Paint Out Schedule

  • 6 June, Wednesday, Downtown Eugene, East Brodway between Oak and Pearl. This looks good and weather prediction is cool. If it rains we can use the covered Park Blocks close by.
  • 10 June, Sunday, University of Oregon. Sunday parking is free. Lots of park like areas. I checked this out last Sunday and the Jordon Snitzer Art Museum is open Sunday, as well as the Marche lunch and tea spot in Museum. So I suggest we meed close to the Art Museum. The graduate student show will still be up for anyone who has not seen it. http://map.uoregon.edu/ is an interactive map of the campus. Turn right at the UO Bookstore and park along the street.
  • 13 June, Wednesday, West D St. Greenway, Springfield. This is a change. I checked out Dorris Ranch and there is not much to paint. The views are much better here. West on D street then south on Aspen. This deadends into the hike and bike trail with a small parking area. We can walk east or west along the trail for good river and woodland views. There is no water or restrooms. The closest facilities are Willamalane Center and Island Park eight blocks back down D Street.
  • 16 June, Saturday, I got this invitation to paint at Gray's nursery. I plan on going to the Eugene location at 6th and Madison.
    >> WHEN
    >> Saturday, June 16 10am-2pm (or longer if you wish)
    >> WHERE
    >> Gray's Garden Centers (both stores-1 in Eugene, 1-in Springfield
    >> WHY-
    >> · Because our gardens are filled to the gills with
    >> beautiful plants, trees, statuary, and people, and provides a
    >> great place to paint or draw.
    >> · Because it is the day before Father's Day, a week
    >> after the National Juried Spring Edition Show, and you may
    >> have extra inventory. We encourage you to bring your own
    >> cash box and/or credit card set-up and sell your work.
    >> · Because we as an independent local company like to
    >> support art in our community
    >> HOW & WHO
    >> Contact Cathy Fenstermacher at 345-1569 or
    >> cathy@graysgardens.com by May 20.
  • 20 June, Wednesday, I got this suggestion from Robin.
    "For Wednesday the 20th of June, how about Mt Pisgah
    Arboretum? Maybe in the fields around where that barn
    is (to the left of the gravel path)...or in the little
    pond/marsh areas."
any other suggestions?


One of the daily reviews at the coast.

Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July