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Plein Air Painting in Eugene Oregon - May 2007

As the weather gets better we can go to different locations. Here is a tenative list for May. Please let me know any other locations where you would like for us all to paint.
May 2 and 4 - next week forcast is rain, so maybe close with cover. How about Oak Way Center...in the courtyard. We tried this in the winter and it was cold...it should be at least warm....lots of cover.
May 9 - Special outing to Karen and Tom Reid's place on the McKenzie River, right past Armatage park, Karen as offered to fix lunch. I have eaten at Karen's and she is a gormet cook. She teaches cooking at Pepperberries. She needs an RSVP for thoes that can be there by noon. Karen, can you send a map. Also the view of the river from their property is spectacular. I plan to be there Karen.
May 11 - King Estates Market Place...this is their opening weekend ...we painted there several times last year, and it is beautiful. they have restrooms, cover, coffee, and lunch if you want to eat. Map is on their web site http://www.kingestate.com/estate/marketplace/index.php
May 16 - 18 , Back in town. How about Skinner Butte....water but no restrooms...but the view of Eugene and the Coburg hills and the Cascades are spectular....no cover, if it rains we can retreat to 5th st. mkt... (ps. I will be out of town May 16, but back May 18)
May 23-25, Memorial day week. I would like to paint out at Fern Ridge lake. Paul has suggested this several times. Paul, what location do you suggest?
There might even be a few sailboats out on the lake.
May 30- June 1- back in town. The Owens Rose garden at the end of Jefferson (or the beginning). We have painted here everymonth or two. Hopefully the early roses will be blooming. There is also access to the river, cover, water, and restrooms.
I hope the weather is as nice as it was today at EWEB...it was beautiful.
see you outside,


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Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July