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June 2007 Schedule

Suggested places to paint outside in June 2007.
  • 6 June, Wednesday, Downtown Eugene, East Brodway between Oak and Pearl. Rod suggested this shady street scene with outside diners and views of old buildings like the Eugene Hotel. Also Sarkis' paintings will be at LaFollete around the corner.
  • 10 June, Sunday, University of Oregon. Sunday parking is free. Lots of park like areas. I suggest the open area between Lillis/Deady Hall/Robinson Theater and McKenzie Hall. http://map.uoregon.edu/ is an interactive map of the campus. This is close to UO Bookstore.
  • 13 June, Wednesday, Dorris Ranch, Springfield. From Franklin Blvd. cross springfield bridge and turn right on South 2nd (first light I believe) a mile or two directly into the park. I have to confirm this date with Dorris Ranch because they are building a "new" log cabin the weekend before. http://www.willamalane.org/1_parks/parkhighlights/dorris.htm
  • 16 June, Saturday, West D St. Greenway, Springfield. West on D street then south on Aspen. This deadends into the hike and bike trail with a small parking area. We can walk east or west along the trail for good river and woodland views. There is no water or restrooms. The closest facilities are Willamalane Center and Island Park four blocks back down D Street.
  • 20 June, Wednesday, I am looking for suggestions for this date. I will be in Val Persoon's workshop at Emerald Art. So where would you like to paint?
  • 23 June, Saturday, canoe pond trail at Alton Baker Park. North across the Ferry St. Bridge bearing right and first right to Alton Baker Park. First parking lot has restroom next to it. From here follow the trail along the creek along the pond where they rent canoes. This trail along the creek has numerous trees and views. This trail ends at the Cuthbert outdoor theater.
  • 27 June, Wednesday, Sweet Cheeks Winery, 26961 Brigs Hill Rd. Directions from their web site "Take West 11th or West 18th out to Bertelsen Rd. Turn Left. Continue on Bertelsen to crossroads with Spencer Creek. Turn right on Spencer Creek Rd and continue for about 2 miles. Turn left on Briggs Hill Rd. The winery entrance will appear on the Right in about 3.5 miles." Once on Bertlesen Rd. there are green winery signs at every intersection. I call and they are open from 12 to 6pm on wednesday and would love to have us. http://www.sweetcheekswinery.com/
  • 29 June, Friday, another winery....I will call LaVelle and check on the hours http://www.lavelle-vineyards.com/ 89697 Sheffler Rd. Their directions are:"Take Highway 126 West out of Eugene and into Veneta. Take a right on Territorial and continue straight into Elmira. Take a left onto Warthen Road. Continue straight for approximately two miles, then turn right onto Sheffler Road. Follow signs and turn right into the property."

Jacki's Paintings at Bagle Sphere and Emerald Art

I just got this comment from Jacki.
" My paintings at Bagelspere are up through June. I will have a show on the south wall at Emerald Art Center in July."

Richardson Park

a note to say that Bets and I were at Richardson Park,. by the time I got there at 12 Bets had almost finished her beautiful painting of boats etc. I painted the boats also from a floating dock. I know now where Kirk park is ( not Kent) actually I used to go there years back because you hardly see anyone there except for one or two young people who were trying to fish for something.

I think I got it

Hi Brooks I had to join Google to be able to do this. so lets see if this works

Plein Air Eugene plans for May 30, Wed. , and June 2, Saturday

Weekend painters have requested some scheduled paint outs in June. So, this week we will paint at Owens Rose Garden, Eugene Oregon, on Wednesday May 30, 2007 and Saturday May 2, 2007.
I am still working locations for the rest of June. I have suggestions for Sweet Cheeks Winery and Sawmill Ballroom Lavender Farm on Hamm Road, and downtown Eugene also. Let me know via email any other locations we might enjoy. It is summer so we should be able to go anywhere.
I want to go to Dorris Ranch in Springfield. I will check the schedules of all these places and post a June schedule later this week.

Plein Air painting Kirk Park Eugene Oregon May 25, 2007

Jacki was first to arrive at Kirk park. Here she is on the fishing doc near the entrance. Kirk park is just below Fern Ridge dam, out Clear Lake Road, Eugene Oregon.

Dorthy painted under the trees looking out on the water.

Renee was all the way at the end of the park painting reflections.

Phemie painted at the entrance in the shade.

Plein Air Perkins Penisula Park on Fern Ridge Lake May 23, 2007

Wednesday, May 23, 2007, plein air painting at Perkins penisula park in Eugene Oregon. Part of the park was closed to traffic so we parked at the boat launch and walked to different locations to paint. This is Nancy trying gouche near the boat dock.

This is Robin on the boat dock.

This is Phemie at the far end of the park.

Painting Shows in Eugene and Springfield

Sarkis will have a show at La Follette, 931 Oak St., for June and July. http://lafollettegallery.com/
There will be two openings on First Fridays, June 1 and July 6. I believe the openings are 6 - 8pm.
I have a few paintings at Grape and Grain inside Reed and Cross on Oakway, but they will only be up through May 30th.
Jacki has paintings at Bagel Sphere Springfield, 5768 Main. I don't know how long they will be up. Jacki how long is your show at Bagel Sphere?
R. Nelson has a show at Pearl Day Spa, 1375 Pearl Ave, eugene ,97401
Anyone else?

May 25, 2007 meet at Kirk Park/Richardson Park

Paul suggested we meet at Kirk park on Friday May 25 before we got to Richardson Park. This will allow us to look around and car pool
over to Richardson park. I will be there at 11 am. If you get there before or after you can stop and see if another painter is there and then proceed to
Richardson. Here are Paul's directions:
"Very east to find - going west on Clearlake Road...when you come in view of Fern Ridge Reservoir (on your left) the highway drops down and follows the base of the earthen dam. The parking lot entrance to Kirk Park is on the right just before the concrete spillway part of the dam - before the highway starts to go uphill again.
Wednesday, May 23 is still at Perkins Point Park off west 11th.
The weather looks great. See you all there.

Plein Air Eugene Fern Ridge Lake May 23-25, 2007

I checked with Lane County parks, Amber Fossen, and all the parks are open this next week.
So I suggest we go to Perkins Point on Wednesday, May 23rd, 10-4pm, and to Richardson, the largest park on Fern Ridge Lake on Friday May 25th.
The web site is : http://www.co.lane.or.us/parks/richard.htm for Richardson Park and
http://www.co.lane.or.us/Parks/perkins.htm for Perkins Penisula Park
Directions to Perkins Penisula: West on 11th street past Beltline and Greenhill Road. On the right about 9 miles from downtown (before Veneta).
Directions to Richardson: North on 99, left on Clear Lake Road. Stay on Clear Lake Road till right before Territorial Road.
Richardson Park is on the left. Totals miles from downtown is about 15miles. Let's meet at the picknic area closest to the boat docks.
Both parks have a parking fee of $3...so car pool if you can.
Amber also said there will be a public hearing about closing the parks next Wednesday, May 23, at 1:30pm at Harris Hall in the old court house.
This is during our paintout May 23rd and May 25th...10-4pm bummer.
All four Fern Ridge Parks are on the list of potential park closings.

See you next week on the Lake,

Plein Air Eugene Oregon Skinner Butte May 16-18, 2007

I added the photos I tooks today and Rod took Wednesday to Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11005142@N00/
Great sunny weather and fantastic view from the top of Skinner Butte. This is Sally and Phemie near the end of the day.

Plein Air Painting Eugene at King Estates Winery May 11, 2007

This is test of the photos on a blog. I actually like flickr better because you can click on a flickr photo and get a bigger view. This is Sarkis painting King Estates on the far hill last Friday, May 11, 2007.
Wonderful greens.

Plein Air Painting Eugene at King Estates Winery May 11, 2007

May 11, 2007 we painted plein air at King Estates Winery, Eugene Oregon.
We had a good turnout and good weather. A few pictures are posted on flickr
under the flickr id of oregon_coast_watercolor.
Next week we will be painting from the top of Skinner Butte.
Drive north on Pearl to Third St., turn left immediately after the Ya-po-ah Terrace,
350 Pearl St., wind your way up Skinner Butte, turn right once, ...
There is water, but not bathrooms on the summit.
In case of rain we can retreat to 5th St. Market...there is no cover on the summit.
However the view of Eugene, the Willamette River and Three Sisters is stunning.
I will be out of town for the Wednesday, May 16, paint out, but I will be back for the
Friday, May 18th, Paint out.
See you there.

Erik Sandgren "Stumps and Clearcuts" Show

Erik sent me the URL for his "stumps and clearcuts" art show. Both he and Humberto Gonzalez have paintings in it....as well as Nelson Sangren.
ps. here is an article about Erik.
pps. see you tomorrow at King Estates Winery

Grape and Grain show in Nov/Dec 2007

I asked JB, the manager of Grape and Grain, if our plein air group could have a group show there this fall. He said that they usually have one show up for Nov/Dec...and we could have that time.
Rod, Jacki, and I have had individual shows there and the space is good and the light is good and they get good traffic through there.

I believe both Rod and Jacki have sold paintings there. The only draw back is it is small. I have 14 painting hangin there now. We can hang more by hanging one over the other. Oh yes, they hang from fishing lines so it is a pain to hang. Fortunately Jacki, Rod, and I are all trained.
So, keep painting and this fall pick out one you would like to hang with a group. I like group shows because of the amazing variety from one artist to

Plein Air Painting in Eugene Oregon - May 2007

As the weather gets better we can go to different locations. Here is a tenative list for May. Please let me know any other locations where you would like for us all to paint.
May 2 and 4 - next week forcast is rain, so maybe close with cover. How about Oak Way Center...in the courtyard. We tried this in the winter and it was cold...it should be at least warm....lots of cover.
May 9 - Special outing to Karen and Tom Reid's place on the McKenzie River, right past Armatage park, Karen as offered to fix lunch. I have eaten at Karen's and she is a gormet cook. She teaches cooking at Pepperberries. She needs an RSVP for thoes that can be there by noon. Karen, can you send a map. Also the view of the river from their property is spectacular. I plan to be there Karen.
May 11 - King Estates Market Place...this is their opening weekend ...we painted there several times last year, and it is beautiful. they have restrooms, cover, coffee, and lunch if you want to eat. Map is on their web site http://www.kingestate.com/estate/marketplace/index.php
May 16 - 18 , Back in town. How about Skinner Butte....water but no restrooms...but the view of Eugene and the Coburg hills and the Cascades are spectular....no cover, if it rains we can retreat to 5th st. mkt... (ps. I will be out of town May 16, but back May 18)
May 23-25, Memorial day week. I would like to paint out at Fern Ridge lake. Paul has suggested this several times. Paul, what location do you suggest?
There might even be a few sailboats out on the lake.
May 30- June 1- back in town. The Owens Rose garden at the end of Jefferson (or the beginning). We have painted here everymonth or two. Hopefully the early roses will be blooming. There is also access to the river, cover, water, and restrooms.
I hope the weather is as nice as it was today at EWEB...it was beautiful.
see you outside,


One of the daily reviews at the coast.

Plein Air

Plein Air
From our paintiout in July